Create An Inspiring Home Workspace in 6 Steps


Living in an apartment isn’t always easy. It requires careful and strategic layout planning, streamlining and updating. Fitting everything you need into a smaller space is a challenge, and when you finally succeed in creating a functional (and beautiful) space, it feels like a major victory (and a little more like home).

Case in point; after several years (yes, years) in the same apartment, I finally created a functional, bright, inspiring workspace. I was tired of using the old dining room table as a desk, sitting on a pillow on the chair and working in a dark corner.

So how do you do it? You downsize, invest in some new décor, personalize and you’re ready to work (and rock).


  1. Offload your big furniture. This will make a big difference and take your space from awkward to inviting. Donate your oversized furniture or sell it. Craigslist has been the go-to option for years, but new mobile-friendly apps like Offer Up are simple and extremely helpful.
  2. Find space-saving new (or refurbished) furniture. Once you’ve offloaded your old furniture, find something new (or new to you). You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the look you want. Stuck in a corner like me? Go bright with a white desk and shiny accents.
  3. Dust off your stored artwork and décor.I’m a fan of typography art, and after I put together my new white desk, I immediately unpacked my art to hang it on the wall. This simple update energized the space, personalized it and made it more welcoming.
  4. Recycle unnecessary documents and paperwork. There are certain things you probably shouldn’t get rid of (tax files, birth certificates, etc.). But if you have a pile of pay stubs from several years ago sitting in a drawer (guilty here), scan and shred them. Online storage options like Google Driveand external hard drives have encryption codes and security settings that help keep your files safe and secure.
  5. Get creative with your storage. Downsizing your furniture may make it tougher to easily keep things stashed away. So if you still have stuff, take a trip to a local shop like The Container Store and get stackable storage blocks with stylish drawers. Or install floating shelves for books and décor. Use your wall to your advantage!
  6. Add a pop of color. I needed a new chair and I figured more light might help the dark space. Grab a seat in a vibrant color, and get a contemporary and fun lamp or other accessory for extra desk flair.

Even if you can’t throw fresh paint on the walls, or you don’t have an awesome view, you can still create a workspace that energizes, inspires, and helps you stay on track. Now have fun, and get to work!