Why 2017 May Be the Best Time to List Your Home


When I decided to sell my beloved first house in late 2009 it wasn’t a particularly good time. We were a year into the Great Recession and home prices were down. Way down. Having owned the house for 14 years and substantially improved it, I still made a handsome profit on its sale. But had I waited a few years my proceeds would have been greater. On the other hand, lower home prices meant I got a smoking deal on the house I bought, which wouldn’t have happened even a year later and would be unimaginable in today’s red-hot market.

Which begs the question: When is the best time to sell your home? Conventional wisdom holds that spring is the ideal season, giving home buyers with kids ample time to buy and settle in before a new school year begins. Others vote for listing early in the year to beat the peak sales rush in June.

A healthier U.S. economy and low interest rates continue to seduce hopeful buyers. But in many areas of the country, the demand for homes outstrips the supply, resulting in escalating multiple offers and a string of weary and heartbroken home buyers in their wake. Sellers with well-priced homes seem to be in the catbird seat. So, is now the time to sell?

In a word, yes. A perfect storm of market conditions makes 2017 an ideal time to list your home.

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