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Tips for a Small Closet:


Are your clothes taking over?

Historic Washington homes aren’t known for big closets.

These tips will help to keep you sane and your closet more organized this summer.

Donate clothes that you no longer wear or that have gone out of style: Keeping clothing you’ll never wear again is unnecessary. With the multitude of consignment shops and places to donate old items in the Seattle-Tacoma area, you have many options to get rid of unwanted stuff.

Cycle your closet depending on the weather: Use space saving bags to store coats, scarves and other items you won’t be wearing for the next six months. These bags can be stacked in a bin underneath your bed or on a top shelf inside the closet. This way you can keep that extra jacket you’ve wanted to wear but it’s out of the way.

Take advantage of tall ceilings: Not all of us are lucky enough to have a tall closet, but if you do, take advantage of that extra space! Shelves or an extra bar to hang clothes can make storage more convenient; items that you don’t often use such as luggage or rain boots can fit perfectly on that top shelf.

Use storage boxes for smaller accessories: Decorative boxes are my favorite way to hide jewelry, hats and other items. Many boxes can be sectioned off for even more organization, leaving you with a pretty and clean closet.

Don’t forget the back of your door: My favorite closet trick is using the back of the door as added hanging space. Depending on the type of doors, you can use a hanging shoe rack or hooks to store sweaters, shoes or even makeup. Get creative!