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Sprucing Up Your Homes Winter Curb Appeal

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Winter Curb Appeal
Do the fall and winter seasons give your yard a less-than-desired look? With the cold weather in full swing, your yard may be overwhelmed with dead plants, dark shadows, and the overall dreary look the grayness of winter can give your home. With just a few simple steps, you can improve your yard, give it a little color, and boost the curb appeal of your home.

Consider Planting Evergreens: No doubt, leaves look beautiful as the season turns and they start to fall off the trees. But with time, they dry out from red to orange and then pale and brown colors. This, added to the leafless trees, gives an overall depressing look to the yard; plant evergreens along with your other trees to get a glorious mix of color and greenery year-round.

Add New Lighting or Re-situate Old Fixtures When the days are short and nights are long, lights are a must! There are so many types and designs, finding lights to suit your yard can be very simple. White light is considered to be the best for outside usage as it can add a little warmth to your garden and help guests clearly see the path. Lining walkways and porches are a safety must.

Brighten the Entrance Your door is the first part of your home that guests look at when entering. Personalize it with fun, contrasting colors or an original door knocker. Keeping a door updated and clean is important not only for looks but also for safety purposes.

Remember Your Lawn We usually forget to maintain our lawns as winter strikes. The mowing and edging cycle can be spread further out and possibly be forgotten completely; but maintaining the beauty of the lawn in winters definitely improves the overall appearance of your home. Do try to mow your lawn once a month during the winter and edge it. I guarantee it will improve your homes appearance.JH

Joyce Hill
Realtor with Coldwell Banker Bain, University Place, Washington