LIFE LESSON #1:  I have always been one to try and “match up” people who might have a need for one another.  Most recently I connected two restaurant owners; one wished to phase into retirement; the other wanted to expand and grow his restaurant business.  Arrangements were made to meet at the restaurant of the owner who wanted to sell.  As the “match-maker”, I was invited to attend the meeting and make the introductions.  We arrived and were seated at the V.I.P. table.  Following good conversation and a delicious meal, it was time for me to leave so that my two friends could converse privately and determine whether they wished to continue discussing a positive buy-sell arrangement.  I felt good about having connected the two, said my “goodbyes” and was ready to make a graceful exit.  That’s when it happened.  I didn’t realize that the V.I. P. table had a large step down, but of course, that knowledge was quickly learned as I slowly fell to the floor.  In my mind’s eye I imagined myself as being a flower petal, slowly drifting downward in a graceful motion but what I really looked like was a heap on the floor of a very crowded restaurant, looking up at the bottom of a table and t the legs of the people I had just introduced.  Embarrassed – you bet!  But that’s when I began to recall all of the adages I had so carefully committed to memory over the years.  My brain spun into overdrive, and it began shouting: 

“It’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce.”  “Failure is never final unless you fail to get up.”

Hearing the voice of the restaurant owner asking, “Are you all right?”, I quickly jumped up and responded:  “After that delicious meal, I am well padded, and I bounce pretty good.”  We all had a good laugh, and the only think that was broken was my fingernail.  Frankly, that was fake anyway.  I wonder if that might translate into Life Lesson #2?

Yes, life can give you a  tumble and perhaps some bumps and bruises, but if you get up, hold your head high and do a little sashay as you leave that negative situation behind, you too can “bounce pretty good.”